Yes, I'm Still Alive!

Life has been hectic ... to say the least! Lots of changes. If life treats me to good holidays, I would be most grateful. I am grateful for my past relationships (and what I have been able to salvage) and looking forward to better times is where I am at now. Love to anyone reading this. Trish


[music] Julia Fischer - Bach Violin Concerto No. 1 (first movement)

[music] Julia Fischer - Bach Violin Concerto No. 1 (first movement)

Music is Life! After being so absorbed by Blues Rock and the Holidays .... it's nice to hear some new Classical from such great, young and talented artists! ¸.•*´`*♥


'Craig's Song' by Robert Lee Chaffee

926239f3-1.jpg picture by PChaffee - Photobucket

Artwork is finished!

Craig's Song

It's a good day to release a song and a testament to my brother. 'Craig's Song' will be in the stores by the end of March. My wife and I connect on losing our brothers to cancer in the early 2000's.

'Craig's Song' may bring a tear if the listener has lost a brother...it stands as a testament of my love and it can represent everyone's love toward someone they loved so dearly.
Love & Light
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Erika takes some great Photos

Nonsensical? What kind of photography does Erika do? Besides abstracts and writings about San Francisco she is involved in photographing The Homeless for Dr. Zevin. They're used in his Medical conferences. He has done a lot of great work....Erika's doing great, too!
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We took a lot of photos of Robby this day ... we had driven over 500 miles to see his daughter that he had not seen for 30 years. So whether this is The Best picture of that day, or not, one thing is for sure -- it was a joyful day for Robby and me.
His daughter, Jen, has lightened our world. This picture is special because the joy expressed represents that day in 2006...a nice memory...and we have been enjoying Jen, her husband Kraig and five children ever since! We feel SO fortunate!

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Oh, please, Mayan Gods

Please let us get to Mexico next year...even if it's just for a short time.
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How can we ever Top This!

Jeff with Little Feat! They will do it again, someday, I'm sure. Janis and Stevie compliments of The Establishment's (Roscoe's Bar-b-q) exhibit of wonderful musical artistes.
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Rogue Suspects!

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Share the Love - September 2008

We love sharing our love for music...we were so happy when Jeff Pevar came to town. Remember "Reeling in the Years," and "Bodhisattva?" The lead guitarist? Elliott Randall. His friend? Jeff Pevar.

Seeing them jam in EJ Randall's (Utube) video taped mid-August (last month) revved us up for their visit to Phoenix. Inger Jorgensen is a dream...great singer! Lots of fun to see them perform. Jeff's guitar playing is SOMETHING ELSE!


Here comes September 2008 Retrograde!

Robby and I had a great time performing in Ashland's Alex's Tavern. He played between sets of The Rogue Suspects. We have become fans of Jeff Pevar's - he is such a fantastic musician and a handsome guy, at that!
This video is from when Jeff toured in London and met up with EJ Randall - he was the man who played the riff in Steely Dan's "Reeling in the Years" and "Bodhisattva" - to name just a couple of songs! Two sensational men. Very high on our list. The future holds great promises for Little Feat and Hillside Fire making it up here to perform next year!

Now, that's jammin', mon!


Jardin Campestre

Nothing like living in the country!
Our garden is just now starting to put out beets and chard.
Purple bell peppers and poblanos are coming along.
The corn is eight feet high and we're going to have some great tomatoes.
Three pumpkins for this fall...yippee!
We love organic gardening and we have learned a lot by doing and reading.
Our friend, Sheffy, gave us helpful books on gardening, roses and landscaping - great bed time reads.
August will be a great month - watch out for retrograde mid-September! I WILL!
It's been a better year for retrogrades....what will September's bring?


Happy Birthday, Erika!

We are so proud of daughter Erika, who's turning 31 on July 23rd, and for taking after her mom and dad. Keep up the visual anthropology, girl, it is a gift that you have to have such talent! Love you, always!
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